A Perfect 'Nine'

There’s another new alternative national teen magazine set to debut in January. It’s called Nine magazine (which stands for nine characteristics the founders believe lead to a quality life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control), and is founded by University of Colorado graduate Melinda Laging, 23, and journalism junior Louise Wo. They are non-profit and nondenominational (although Laging is a youth pastor). Their website is definitely under construction so I’m not going to link it just yet. Looks like Nine is following Justine into the wholesome alternative niche. The non-profit part is going to be tough (I know from my Teen Voices days)—maybe they’ll get some church funding….You can read the article in the Broomfield Enterprise, reg. required.


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Quote of the Day: “Budweiser ads are memorable because they pull at the heart strings with the horses and dogs.”—Female, 22, CA

Nine months after its launch, Toca Boca is shutting down its SVOD service. Toca TV, which was aimed at five-nine-year-olds, featured ad-free licensed content as well exclusive originals for the price of $5 monthly. Although there was engagement with the content, the company says the subscription model “was more challenging than…anticipated,” and was failing “to sustain a targeted level.” Toca now plans to refocus energies back to their mobile app business, which has grown to include 36 mobile games and 150 million downloads. (Kidscreen

The age divide in how Americans watch television is leading up to a major battle for live TV. A new ComScore analysis found that “there is a stark shift away from TV and toward digital” among Millennials, compared to Gen X and Boomers. In a breakdown of the total amount of hours 18-34-year-olds spent with TV and digital media in 2016, digital outweighs live TV by around 11 billion hours, and smartphones are “driving the numbers way up”—a trend we explored in The Post-TV Gen. (Business Insider)

Brands’ increasing efforts to reach the ad-skipping generation are majorly boosting native ads. Native digital display ad spending will reach an estimated $22 billion this year, according to a new eMarketer analysis, a growth of 36.2% from 2016. The shift reflects an attempt to create “more engaging, less intrusive” brand messages. Over 80% of native display ad spending in the U.S. is designated to social channels (mainly Facebook), but the study estimates that social’s percentage will drop next year as non-social channels, like in-feed and sponsored content, continue to grow. (Fast Company

For a peek into the modern banking experience, check out Snapchat. Banks have been increasingly joining the platform to keep up with young consumers, and it’s clear they’re being “cautious” and experimenting to find the best strategy. Dutch bank ABN Amro uses the platform for customer service by creating interactive stories, Citibank offers a behind-the-scenes look of offices with Snapchat Spectacles in an attempt to recruit job seekers, and The Bank of Ireland is doling out financial tips and advice through influencer stories. (Tearsheet

Millennials’ relationship with plants is budding. According to a 2016 National Gardening Report, five million of the six million new Americans that took up gardening in 2015 were between 18-34-years-old, and 37% of Millennials are growing indoor plants and herbs. The generation’s tendency to live within nature-starved cities is most likely a factor at play, but the founder of Sprout Home also cites Millennials’ affinity for healthier lifestyles: “A lot of people come into the store asking which plants give off the best oxygen; they’re actually very concerned and curious about making sure how they can better benefit their life, and plants can be a part of that.” (NYLON)

Quote of the Day: “When deciding what products to buy, what’s most valuable to me is reviews from users regardless of whether or not I know them.”—Female, 32, MA

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