A Perfect 'Nine'

There’s another new alternative national teen magazine set to debut in January. It’s called Nine magazine (which stands for nine characteristics the founders believe lead to a quality life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control), and is founded by University of Colorado graduate Melinda Laging, 23, and journalism junior Louise Wo. They are non-profit and nondenominational (although Laging is a youth pastor). Their website is definitely under construction so I’m not going to link it just yet. Looks like Nine is following Justine into the wholesome alternative niche. The non-profit part is going to be tough (I know from my Teen Voices days)—maybe they’ll get some church funding….You can read the article in the Broomfield Enterprise, reg. required.


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"I love coffee and love the experience of having someone make me a nice latte. I like being around other people and hanging out in restaurants or cafes.”—Female, 20, PA

The hashtag #MeToo has become a movement on social media, with hundreds of thousands posting to spread awareness of sexual harassment and assault. Following reports of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Alyssa Milano asked her followers to raise their hand if they had been harassed or assaulted—using the hashtag started by activist Tarana Burke ten years ago. #MeToo has since has gone viral across platforms, with Twitter reporting that it was tweeted over half a million times in the first 24 hours. According to Ypulse research, over a quarter of 13-32-year-olds have used a hashtag to support a social movement. (The AtlanticBuzzFeed)

Netflix’s kids and family content viewership has grown 61% in markets outside the U.S., and 13% at home, so they’re stepping up international kids’ content even more. To capitalize on their “kidvid” success, the site has ordered several original series, from Mighty Little Bheem for an Indian audience to Yoohoo and Friends for South Korean viewers. Netflix is also taking the chance to merchandise their properties, and have considered creating their own animation studio for future productions. Looks like they’re winning one battle of the streaming wars. (Variety)

MTV’s strategy refresh is reportedly putting it back on teens’ radar. The network’s share of 18-24-year-old viewers dropped 50% from 2012 to mid-2017, but for June, July, and August, primetime ratings have been on the rise. MTV appealed to the Genreless Generation with their genderless Moon Person award at the MTV Music Awards, and by rolling out a new slate of shows. Some are nostalgic, like the revamped TRL, while others are original, like the semi-naked dating show, Undressed. So far, the approach seems to be working: primetime ratings this summer rose 31%. (Fast Company)

Brandless brands are on the rise, as consumers prefer minimalist logos to ubiquitous ones. Though there was a resurgence of “logomania” on the Spring/Summer 2018 runway, many brands are taking the exact opposite tack. The Unbranded Brand sells jeans at a lower price point by leaving the logos off, and Brandless offers a slew of $3 un-brand-name products. Even brands that do add logos are keeping it sparse and sleek. Glossier, for instance, maintains a Less is More aesthetic that has won them Instagram appeal. (The Fashion Law)

Millennial dads may save retail this holiday season. A report from PwC found that 94% of 22-35-year-old fathers plan on spending the same or more as they did last year. They also spend more on their family than on themselves and more on holiday travel than any other demo. The study also found that Millennial dads are boosting e-commerce with their love of online shopping and tech. Most of their money will be spent online, and they’re the most likely group to shop using a smart speaker. A word of advice for retailers: definitely don’t forget about dad. (Business Insider)

“Art is basically my job and I enjoy it so much.”—Female, 15, MD

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